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welcome to the world of AI dbit marketing today we are diving into the top seven AI marketing tools that simplify and supercharge your promotional efforts from automating task to understanding customer behavior these tools are game changers for businesses of all SES whether you’re a marketing FL or just starting join us as we explore user friendly solutions that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to elevate your marketing strategy let’s make marketing smarter and more efficient together also if you are interested in advancing your career consider Pur University’s postgraduate program in digital marketing this comprehensive program offers certification as a digital marketer through live Interactive Learning live de fundamental and advanced digital marketing strategies utilizing Harvard Business publishing cases and Hands-On participation in 20 plus projects access the full spectrum of digital marketing tools with j gbt and AI TOS complemented by 35 Plus dedicated resources so without further

Ado let’s start with the first AI marketing tool which is jper ai jper ai is an AI co-pilot design for Enterprise marketing teams it is an artificial intelligence powered content creation tool designed to assist users in generating high quality written content quickly it supports various formats including blog post social media updates and marketing for to use it input a Content brief or topic choose the desired tone and format and juster will Cate the content which you can Define as n so now let’s talk about features so company knowledge first of all Infuse your content with brand and product positioning company strategy and audience resolution and second feature is team acceleration stream project management and content creation then AI assistant content from idea to execution Jasper assist with creation onbook content then analytics and insights gain actionable insights from social data now let’s talk about how to use this

so first of all Begin by creating an account on jper ah website then choose your template select a template based on the type of content you want to create example blog post email social media post Etc then input your parameters provide the AI with context or parameters such as topic tone the key points you want to cover Etc then generate content click the generate button to produce your content then you can edit and refine also review the generated content first make necessary edits and refine it to meet your needs so this was about jper cre now coming to sprout social Sprout social is a social media management tool that helps businesses manage their online presence across multiple platforms it offers features for scheduling post analyzing social media performance and engaging with audiences to use it connect your social media account plan your content calendar with the platform and utilize the analytics to improve engagement and reach now let’s talk about it features first engagement manage social interactions respond to messages and engage with your audience then publishing schedule and publish content across platforms

the third feature is analytics monitor performance and trag social data then listening understand conversation and Trends advocacy turn followers into brand Advocates so these were the features now let’s talk about it how to use so first of all sign up for sprout social and connect your social media accounts then dashboard overview navigate through the dashboard to get an overview of your connected profiles and analytics then schedule post use the publishing feature to create and schedule your social media post across different platforms then engage with your audience monitor mention comments and messages through the engagement Tab and respond to them directly then analyze performance utilize the analytics tools to measure the performance of your post and strategies and adjust accordingly so this is how you can use it and this was about spr social next up we have is brandmark ai brandmark ai is an AI driven design tool that creates unique brand identities including logos Cur pets and brandl to use it provide basic information about your business and performance and brand Mark will generate a variety of brand options you can then customize your favorite option perfectly fit your brand needs its features includes logo creation

that is generate unique logos using a then customization personalize your logo with text icon colors and sizes and scheduling easily schedule and publish content after that analytics monitor progress and performance now let’s talk about how to use this tool so input your brand name start by entering your brand name and any optional keywords that describe your business then select your preferences choose Styles colors icons you prefer for your brand identity then generate options let the AI generate logo options and brand identities based on your preferences then customize select that design and further customize it according to your needs adjusting colors fonts and layouts then download assets once satisfied download the brand assets package which includes logos color back and brand guidelines all right now coming to the next AI marketing tool which is tapu so tapu is an AI powered LinkedIn assistant it is an AI tool focused on LinkedIn designed to help users grow their LinkedIn presence through content creation engagement insights and profile optimization to use stat you connect your LinkedIn account use the content creation and scheduling features to maintain a consistent posting schedule and follow its Analytics to adjust your strategy for better engagement its features include content creation so get AI generated post ideas and improve your content then schedule easily schedule LinkedIn post with the help of this

then lead generation import people who interacted with your post after that analytics monitor your progress and optimize your strategy so this was about the features now talking about how to use it first of all you’ll have to start with sign up and connect so create a tab account and connect your LinkedIn profile then content ideas and creation utilize tab’s content ideas and creation features to drop compelling linked post then analyze performance use the analytics features to track the performance of your LinkedIn content engagement then engage with your network follow apply H recommendation to engage with your network such as who to connect and which post to interact with after that schedule post plan and schedule your LinkedIn content directly through tap Leos for consistent posting so this was about t now coming to the next AI marketing VI which is ADD creative so add creative. is an artificial intelligence tool designed for marketers and businesses aiming to enhance their advertising efforts it uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the wealth of performance data and design

Trends enabling the creation of visually appealing and high performing ad GR the platform integrates seamlessly with major advertising networks such as Google ads and Facebook ads offering users data given recommendations to optimize their ad designs this technology facilitates the production of ads that are more likely to resonate their targets potentially increasing conversion rates and maximizing advertising Roi now talking about its features first is automated creative generation for ads then integration with popular ad platforms like Google and Facebook then third is Performance Based creative suggestions now how to use it first of all you have to sign up and integrate your ad account then input your campaign goals and preferences then use the AI recommendations to generate and deploy ad creatives so this was about ad creative next AI marketing to is durable so durable is a comprehensive AI powered marketing tool design automate and streamline various marketing classes including content creation email marketing and customer segmentation leveraging Advanced artificial intelligence durable gims through enhanced operational efficiency and personalized marketing efforts

the platforms offer features such as automated content generation tailored to specific marketing tools intelligent email campaign management and precise customer segmentation based on behavioral data this enables businesses to deliver more relevant and engaging content to Their audience improving engagement rates and fostering deeper customer relationships now talking about features of these two AI driven content creation and optimization then automated email marketing campaigns then Advanced customer segmentation using AI so these are the features now talking about how to use it first you’ll have to create an account then configure your marketing channels then set up your marketing campaigns and input objectives let the AI automate and optimize your task based on performance data all right so now at number seven we have custom gb. yes custom gb. offers a platform for business to develop bespoke artificial intelligence models tailored to their unique content creation needs this tool empowers users to generate personalized content ranging from marketing materials to customer service responses leveraging the power of AI for enhanced relevance and engagement custom gp.

stands out by providing the capability to train AI models with a specific data sets ensuring the output aligns closely with the brands voice and objectives the platform facilitates the seamless integration of these custom models into existing workflows automating content generation processes and enabling more efficient production so now talking about its features first custom a donation for specific business GS then high quality tent generation for various purposes then integration capabilities with existing systems and works now talking about how to use it first Define your content needs and goals then train your custom a model with relevant data integrate the model into your workflow for automated content generation and there you have it the top seven AI marketing tools that can transform the way you approach your marketing en dev from the intuitive insights of jper a the social media prise of sprout social the visual appeal crafted by brandmark Ai and the creative Brilliance of tools like ad creative.

and custom gp. these are the tools that bring Innovation and efficiency to your marketing Community thanks for joining us on this insightful journey into the future of marketing all right guys with that we come to the end of this video If you like this article please give it a thumbs up I hope it really helped you all thanks for reading

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