Biotechnology in 2050!!!

what happens when humans begin combining  biology with technology is the power  to recode life itself. we  ‘ve been organ Farms governments using  artificial wombs to rebuild populations of  robots with biological Parts there will  be genetically altered humans who are  able to heal people through touch and so  much more. this is the world of Bio  technology but what happens to our  environment when humans begin to  engineer life and they become an  invasive species and what is going on  underground in the labs of biohackers  hidden from regulations and if human  bodies are bioengineered would we evolve  into a new species of Life altogether  becoming less human and more alien.

Humanity will no longer be observers of  nature but the masters of it this is the  next phase in Humanity’s Evolution and  it begins with bioprinting  bioprinting is 3D or even 4D printing  but instead of plastic or metal it uses  living cells called bio inks these cells  are printed layer by layer and can grow  and connect with each other creating  biological structures with bioprinting  we’re not just creating object

we’re  breathing life into them bioprinting is  the alchemist’s dream come to life some  basic level uses include bio printed  eyeball corneas bio printed hair  follicles for hair loss personal  cosmetic testing and combat wound  healing and traveling further into the  future more advanced bioprinting will  achieve 3D printed coral reefs that  provide habitats for marine life helping  to restore damaged ecosystems or  small-scale robotic space stations that  are bioprinting factories since printing  with liquids is more effective when done  in a microgravity environment when it  comes to the human body bio printed  organs are manufactured in organ Farms  to overcome the challenges of donation  shortages or a patient own cells are  used to create miniaturized organs or  organoids that are used to test medical  responses before actual

Administration  and bio printed prosthetic limbs are  designed to fit perfectly to the  individual using living tissue to  improve integration with the host’s body  experiments are carried out in the field  of cybernetics where electronics are  implanted into bid printed pieces  creating cybernetic organs that are more  advanced than natural ones such as bio  printed lungs that are implanted with  sensors and Nano filters that remove  toxins from the air before it enters the  bloodstream or replacement bionic  eyeballs that have built-in Zoom or  infrared vision patients of these  experimental bionic eyeballs begin to  claim they are having paranormal Visions  after losing his sight in an accident a  former archaeologist receives a bionic  cornea transplant with his restored  Vision he starts having visions  hallucinations claiming to see the past  and believing he is Unearthed hidden  secrets that could rewrite history on  the other side of the world an unknown  flesh-eating disease is wiping out  regions of a country a group of  scientists use bioprinting to create a  new type of skin that can survive the  disease some people praise the  scientists efforts While others question  whether these people with a different  type of skin skin are still part of the  human race coming back to more basic  biotechnology there is the world of  living architecture where buildings are  constructed with bioengineered materials 

that can self-repair clean the air  absorb pollutants and even reproduce  these buildings are also built using  gecko-inspired adhesives and coral reef  inspired Eco concrete some of these new  age buildings are even powered by  biological batteries that use components  such as bacteria to store and generate  energy but there are complaints of  forced obsolescence where companies are  manipulating their biomaterials to  deteriorate after a set period of time  forcing customers to continuously  purchase Replacements high up in these  bio buildings inside luxury apartments  walls are decorated with pieces of Bio  art artists use living tissue and  bioprinters to fabricate living and  evolving works of art 

these City bio apartments that are near  the ocean are protected from rising sea  levels and Storm surges by living sea  walls genetically engineered corals and  muscles are used to create living sea  walls that grow and self-repair  protecting these coastal cities and then  there are bioluminescent lights plants  bacteria and algae that are engineered  to glow in the dark just like deep sea  creatures replacing electric street  lights  but in a small town where bioluminescent  lamps light discreet and purify the air  a sudden decay of the bioluminescent  organisms causes Darkness to fall it is  up to botanists and Engineers to figure  out what is killing the neon Bloom and  restore light to the town conspiracies  spread that the lights have been  biohacked and reprogrammed to release  harmful pollutants

  elsewhere a robotics company has built a  robot with a bioluminescent skin that  glows the company tests using the robot  in a museum guiding people around the  exhibitions people question if human  skin is next underground biohackers are  already a step ahead and are  experimenting on their own bodies  cyberpunks and biohackers work  underground hidden from government  regulations they experiment with  implanting microchips into their arms  and tattooing themselves with digital  inks that display and shows off their  online wear they hack together and built  biocomputers made from biomaterials and  living neural tissue cyberpunk hack  and tune brain chips disabling safety  features for more extreme and  unauthorized neural experiences and they  use their own DNA as storage devices 

mimicking nature able to store massive  amounts of data under the city streets  there is a Black Market of new age  substances biohackers engineer grapes  that ferment into wine within minutes  and they create unregulated food that  are resistant to pests and disease and  are allergy free the biggest Buzz is  around self-replenishing food containers  these containers are made of living  organisms that constantly regenerate  their contents effectively providing a  never-ending supply of micro Foods these  biohackers also mess around trying to  freeze each other hoping to bring the  bodies back to life people call them 

cryonic punks and they have pets with  edited genes to produce bioluminescence  making them glow in the dark and there  are rumors of chimeras animals created  with genes from multiple species the  name Chimera comes from Greek mythology  a fire-breathing creature with the body  of a lion the head of a goat arising  from its back and the tail of a snake  out in the real world corporations are  making older bionic prosthetic models  obsolete forcing users to upgrade  raising the question who owns the limbs  the people or the corporations  bid printed prosthetic limbs fully  integrate to the body’s nervous system  providing a sense of touch and more  natural control militaries have  voluntary amputations governments use  bionic limbs to create super soldiers a  young boy paralyzed in an accident  learns to walk again with the help of a  bio exoskeleton every bionic prosthetic  and bio-exoskeleton comes with a  registration tracking number  in government-controlled Labs scientists  are testing Advanced artificial womb  technology this includes pod devices  designed for more reliable external  pregnancy and gestation a process known  as ectogenesis in a world plagued by  infertility artificial wombs have become  Humanity’s hope wealthy individuals  Outsource childbirth to large womb Farms  governments facing population collapse  have their own Farms too and  conspiracies circulate of a dictator  obsessed with his legacy using  artificial wombs to create numerous  Offspring aiming to rule eternally and  become an immortal dictator other fields  that use artificial womb technology  include space colonization military use  and endangered species

Revival  and there are experiments being carried  out in the field of extended gestation  where a body is left in the artificial  womb for a longer period of time to  enhance natural cognitive and physical  capabilities the next multi-trillion  dollar industry is in BIO hybrid robots  these are robots that are made with  biological tissue providing more  flexibility and Energy Efficiency one  Corporation is developing biomimetic  robots that can blend in and camouflage  with nature and even interact with  animals the corporation says that these  biorobots are for environmental  monitoring or biological research but  there is a concern that they will  unintentionally become an invasive  species disrupting ecosystems leading to  the extinction of native animals While  others worry that the bio hybrid robots  can be used for Espionage and spying  such as drones or robots that mimic a  bird so well that another bird is not  able to tell that it’s a machine  these types of robots can be used to  breach sovereignty where governments  deploy invasive biohybrid animals to  infiltrate and undermine the autonomy of  other nations while Advanced biohybrid  robots become capable of rapidly  producing harmful bacteria and viruses  after a nuclear-scale biowaste  catastrophe biohybrid robots immune to  radiation are Humanity’s best chance at  survival they scavenge resources rescue  survivors and clean up Biohazard Waste 

the first biorobot becomes a restorer of  extinct animals carrying DNA and  birthing lost species  these are the neo-humans real-life X-Men  people mostly biohackers who are no  longer considered human they represent  an entirely new species  after winning a bio Lottery this is the  first person to become a human insect  repellent he inhaled an engineered virus  that delivered the crispr components and  targeted Gene sequences into his skin  cells and sweat glands where pheromones  are now produced that repel local  disease-carrying insects a singer has  her vocal cords and resonating Chambers  bioengineered to produce an inhuman  range of sounds turning her into a  living musical instrument a biohacker  becomes a Living Canvas using  fabrication skin pigments that change  in response to light temperature and  mood displaying moving images and art  people are able to grow food on their  own bodies and Marine biohackers are  hacking their own bodies with genes from  marine animals creating bioluminescence  and gill-like enhancements to breathe  underwater  there is a new age Wolverine who is  resistant to bone fractures thanks to  bioengineered collagen enhancements and  he is capable of Rapid regeneration with  human tissues that are engineered from  reptiles and heal at an accelerated rate  people are bioengineering themselves to  age backwards by manipulating telomeres  and cell regeneration

a person claims to  have the ability of splitting their  Consciousness by using organic brain  augmentations to perform multitasking on  an unprecedented level and the first  person is capable of healing others  through Touch by transferring  regenerative cells biotechnology is the  drafting table where Nature’s blueprint  meets human design it is the recoding of  life itself this is the next phase in  Humanity’s evolution 

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